La Grange Interiors sells furniture and accessories to decorators and the public alike. We will also tailor-make a service to fit your requirements and budget.

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Established in 1996, La Grange Interiors was initially set up in a 200-year-old barn in the picturesque town of Franschhoek. In the following two years Sumari Krige expanded the brand to open a second outlet in Pretoria and shortly after a third sprawling showroom in the décor hub of Kramerville, Johannesburg. The most recent retail space was opened in 2015, located in the heart of the supremely trendy area of Woodstock in Cape Town.

The brand has a unique offering in that each item is handpicked or custom designed by Sumari herself, and invariably has an unusual tale or experience attached to it. Her passion for the extraordinary takes her all over the world – to little known crafters’ exhibitions, dusty antique stores and to artisan families who have been plying and perfecting their skills for generations – all in a quest to uncover distinctive, handmade items that speak to her and that she knows her clients will covet. New stock is unpacked weekly, ensuring discerning visitors to the La Grange showrooms are always treated to some new inspiration. The brand effortlessly marries contemporary interiors with industrial influences and eclectic additions and above all, promotes easy, refined living.

From luxurious soft furnishings in textured natural linens to timeworn antiques, custom designed wooden furniture, lamps and accessories that blend easily with La Grange’s signature casual yet elegant rattan furniture. Sumari’s eye for timeless and exclusive items for the home is superb. The showrooms are crammed with eye candy and inspiration for the décor enthusiast and plays host to a handpicked team of professionals well versed in providing inspiration and decorating solutions for homeowners, from the micro finishing details to statement furniture items. They are also on hand to provide excellent advice on ‘pulling a look together’ and are available to consult on interior concepts and helping clients to hone their spaces to reveal and achieve their full potential. In addition, Sumari herself takes on select, exclusive projects such as lodges, hotels and private homes, giving them the unique La Grange stamp. It is a testament to the company that the majority of its projects are generated by returning clientele.

Exclusive Brands

There are a few international brands that we love and want to showcase here at La Grange Interiors

Founded in April 2010, District Eight is a furniture design firm that creates quality work, inspired by the industrial age. Informed by their location in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; much of their work reflects the raw, bold character of their surroundings. They pride themselves on creating handcrafted furnishings that combine industrial elements with modern aesthetics. Available exclusively in South Africa from La Grange Interiors.

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Started in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1986. Clear, innovative, tongue-in-cheek, every pols potten product shows its Dutch roots. It’s these very same qualities that make our products feel right at home anywhere in the world. Whether it is in a hotel, lodge or your very own home. The brand globally offers a style-conscious concept and invites you to forget about normalcy. Available exclusivley in South Africa from La Grange Interiors.


Triboa Bay Living is a furniture and lighting brand that mixes classic forms with a pared-down contemporary sensibility. Wood is the primary material in raw finishes that evoke a warm, casual and resort-like ambience. Available exclusivley in Sub-Saharan Africa including the Indian Ocean Islands from La Grange Interiors


Produced only in Eastern Europe, Dutz is a traditional glassblowing company. Each vase, bowl, pot, candle holder, candle glass, drinking glass or carafe is the result of dedicated craftsmanship of the glassmakers that is mouth blown and hand-formed. Available exclusivley in South Africa from La Grange Interiors.

Gommaire is a new Belgian brand founded in January 2015, arose from a fusion of ideas and years of experience of  Gommaire Cleybergh, Bert Verelst and Laurent De Greef. With an organic accent which you can discover in the designs and materials. Almost the complete collection is drawn and created by Gommaire, Bert and Laurent.
Chairs, tables in reclaimed teak wood, coffee tables, lighting and a wide range of outdoor furniture in reclaimed teak complete the first ‘Gommaire organic living’ collection. Available exclusivley in South Africa from La Grange Interiors.



101 Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded in 2017. With a vision to honor exquisite quality and craftsmanship, the collection encompasses furniture, lighting and accessories in a timeless, yet modern design. With a true passion for materials and refined textures, organic shapes and colours, 101 Copenhagen presents the epitome of classics and must-have novelties for Scandinavian and international interior connoisseurs alike.
The design of 101 Copenhagen is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian soil and nourished by Japanese minimalist aesthetics. Sharing an emphasis on quality materials, techniques and traditions, the meeting between the North and the East is notable in the holistic collections of 101 Copenhagen.

Muubs is interior design innovation. It’s in their DNA to continually push the boundaries of innovation to create an edge in design living turning the principles of mass production upside down. Every product has soul and a different story: From chopping boards with natural wood grain and hand-crafted tables with charming rough edges and imperfections from the natural cracks in the tree trunk to simple, rustic kitchenware. Guided and driven by an instinctive love of the beauty and Nordic nature they firmly believe in preserving originality and creating timeless interior design objects with great functionality. Products that create contrasts, play with imagination, age gracefully and add the missing piece of soul and roughness to our homes. We call it ‘beauty in imperfection’.



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